Chris & Summer Shealy


Est – 2016

For Chris & Summer Shealy, worship is breathing. Whether at home, lost in God’s presence together or on the platform leading a congregation into an intimate encounter, these two live in constant pursuit of the Father’s heart. Soundcheck and rehearsal are not very different than the worship service– God is present and good and glorious, and everything is worship.

Their songs invite intimacy and evoke a deepening revelation of the goodness and worth of the Savior, the sufficiency of his sacrifice, and the victory of his resurrection and ascension. Crafted songs weave in and out of extended times of prophetic flow; moments of majestic high praise resolve to places of holy stillness and deep connection, stirring hearts to praise, attuning hearts to the sounds of heaven,

Chris & Summer Shealy are the Directors of Catch The Fire Music and are featured artists on the upcoming January 2019 Catch The Fire Music release.